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Angels Landing - Zion National Park

Area: Springdale, Utah - Zion NP
Elevation Change: +1488, -1488
Course: Out n Back
Terrain: Dirl trail (some paved trail)
Distance: 5 miles RT
Map & Elevation Data: none
GPS Route: none

This trail can be accessed by the trailhead is near the Grotto. The bus stop is labled 'The Grotto' is your shop should you ride the shuttle bus in. The trail follows the mountain side for about a half a mile before the real elevation gain begins. You will approach a path that is about 2 miles of steep trail that will eventually take you to Walters Wiggles, an area of 15-20 switch backs. This switchbacked portion of the path is paved with concrete. The route is a grinding climb up to the top. I don't recommend going on a day when you think lots of traffic will be on the trail. I did this route on Memorial Day weekend and had to battle the masses as they trudged up the path in a world of sweat and regret for their lack of conditioning. Plan time for this route . . . with all the chaos of weekend warriors it took me an hour and twenty minutes to get to the top.

NOTE: This path has sketchy areas with a huge amount of exposure. This trail should only be run by the sure-footed and those not afraid of high narrow exposed areas.

1. Begin by taking exit 6, toward Hurricane, Utah from I-15.
2. Follow this through Hurricane and continue on following the signs to Zion National Park, about 32 miles.
3. Drive to the park. If you are headed between April and October you will need to park in Springdale at a designated spot and catch the shuttle as the Zion NP shuttle is the only vehicle allowed up the Zion Scenic Drive. You can check the shuttle schedule here.
4. You must pay to enter the park so ensure you either pay the day fee or buy a pass, more info on fees.

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