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Bloomington Hills Overlook

Area: St. George, Utah
Elevation Change: +531, -531
Course: Out n back with loop
Terrain: Dirt road
Distance: 6 miles RT
Map & Elevation Data: PDF   JPG
GPS Route: Available (.gpx)

Great trail run. Easily accessable. Recommended with GPS due to many redneck jeep trails that run all about the route. If you are good with maps you can do it without the GPS but the coordinates are recommended if you plan on doing the route listed. I needed them when I created the route. I ended up doing an extra half mile due to wrong turns . . . and the dark settting in . . . nevertheless I enjoyed the journey. Nice run in early Nov. if you start about 4:45pm as you get a good sunset, supposing you average 5.6 mi/hour on the course as it gets dark in Nov. by 6pm.

1. Go 4.66 miles south of Summit Athletic Club on River Road.
2. On your Right, or West side turn off on dirt road, start here.
3. Follow map.

Enjoy the run and the views. Watch out for rednecks, they are known to be out on these roads chasing varmin or proving their manhood with guns etc.

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