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Bloomington Hills Micro-loop

Area: St. George, Utah

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Elevation Change: +284, -284
Course: Loop
Terrain: Single track trail with some dirt road
Distance: Long   6.2 miles RT
Map & Elevation Data:  PDF  JPG

This is a good run, not much elevation gain and nice quiet trail. The first 2.5 miles are on a rolling hill single track. It is a one-way trail meaning that you should follow the map and run the loop counterclockwise so as to avoid mtn bikers. After the 2.5 mile mark at Stucki Springs intersection you follow a 3.5 mile remainder of the course down a wash. The wash presents a constantly changing landscape as it is etched into the earth's surface 20'+. The last two miles you run along the Curly Hollow dirt road. The road is not frequently traveled but if you are out of a day when lots of four wheelers, motorcycles, etc are on trail ensure you are watchful.

Directions to trailhead
Go to the west end of Navajo Drive in Bloomington (get directions to this location) At the end of Navajo Drive heading West you cross the cattle guard. Look immediately to your right and see the trailhead. Park here.

Directions on the Trail
1. Start out like you're going to run the Bearclaw Poppy Trail.
2. Go left when you see the "Bloomington Micro-loop" sign at 002 on the map.
3. Two miles later, you'll reach a 4-way that heads to Stucki Springs. Don't go to Stucki instead go left here, dropping down into the wash. The intersection is at 003 on the map..
4. About a mile later, you'll reach a gate at the edge of the Desert Preserve near 004.
5. Turn left on the gravel road (Curly Hollow Road) and head back to the Bloomington Trailhead. This is an open 4-way.

NOTE: This is a one-way trail as mtn bikers use this loop. Please be aware, following the map is a good idea unless you'd like somebody's rock shox in your forehead after they launch off the single track into you!

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