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What is RedRockTrails?

This site is intended to be a forum for trail runners, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts to easily access trails and adventures in Southern Utah not readily available online or in print. It has been created with specific intention to make it user friendly as well as accurate in offering trails and routes throughout the backcountry and wilderness areas.

This site can be somewhat technical so that GPS and other mapping tools can be used for navigation and route finding. You do not need to use anything other than the map unless you'd like to have backup for direction etc on the route. Many courses are easy enough to follow without them, like the Temple Quarry trail.

Each map has accurate trail information (the route is created by my running/hiking the route and the GPS gathers satellite information on the route) as well as elevation profiling to give you a good two dimensional sense of the elevation changes.

It is intended to be a user fueled site, so recommend a route, slot canyon, cave, peak, or other outdoor site! I'd enjoy adding it to the site. Feedback? Photos of the route? I'd like it; send it on via the trip report page.

Happy Trails!

Justin S.